High school loner turns to crypto for companionship

Aman graduated the top of his high school class before dropping out of college to take a job apprenticing in a unionize labor trade. After 20+ years of hard work, he started his own business that ultimately led him to the crypto markets where he found a love for trading.


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Custom indicator package helps noob to trade crypto markets with easy to understand momentum waves.

Aman first invested into crypto assets in 2016 and started trading them in 2019. He became a member of the Whale Crew first before buying Market Cipher and studying the basic strategy that Crypto Face was teaching. Aman fell in love with the simplicity and ease of use of Market Cipher and has been trading successfully with it ever since.


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Aman is a self-taught trader and owes his success to watching Crypto Face on YouTube. He has become a master of the Market Cipher basic trading strategy and believes that anyone can learn to trade if they have a trusted mentor who can show them the ropes.

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