Lanicor is an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Trader in his late 20s

He lives in Central Europe. Speaks Three languages and Hates laziness. His love for Crypto started with GPU mining Ethereum. He currently owns two bars, is a Moderator in the Market Cipher Discord and from time to time loves to play a little Blackjack.


I speak: English, Croatian, Slovenian

Hi...I am Lanicor.

He started trading at the Inception of Market Cipher and since then Has been studying the tool on an almost daily basis. After three years of persistence, trial and error he developed a highly working strategy and is willing to share it with his students.


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Hi...I am Lanicor. You have probably been using Market Cipher for a while now. Or you have just started and you do not know How to get the most out of it. That is Where I can help you. Even if you have experience, I am sure I can teach you things you did not know.

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