Bring your trading back from the red

Lazarus is a native English speaker and has been trading with Market Cipher for 1 year. Before that, Lazarus worked extensively with multiple bots and custom tuning trading strategies. After finding Market Cipher, Lazarus was able to make the cost back in his first trade and has been enjoying steadily growing gains ever since.


I speak: English

Getting the most out of what Market Cipher offers

Lazarus can help you better understand and apply Market Cipher to your trading as well as show you how to customize Market Cipher to work better with your existing indicator setup. By understanding what each component of Market Cipher is showing, you will be able to make better trading decisions and control your risk exposure.


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My video

A brief introduction from Lazarus showcasing his presentation style and some training topics. If you are interested in booking Lazarus, please watch the video introduction first.

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